Rock Pool is passionate about up skilling frontline practitioners to deliver Trauma-Informed approaches.

Our trauma informed training courses are delivered by our staff, and our team of Associates, all of whom are qualified professionals and sector experts who bring genuine insight and valuable practical experience to the training room.

We take great pride in delivering high quality trauma training events that support delegates to make the most of their training experience. It is important to us that we share valuable knowledge and expertise through our trauma courses, to support you to support others.

Our Trauma Courses are designed to facilitate all learning styles and give delegates practical tools and confidence to improve practice and to deliver our programmes with ease. Our training is trauma informed, we facilitate a safe space to ensure learning, promote collaboration, it is designed to be strengths based and skills building.

Our Trauma Informed Training Courses last for 1, 2 or 3 days and take place in convenient locations around the United Kingdom. Alternatively we can provide an event to your whole team at your venue.

Trauma-Informed Training

Our trauma courses will explore trauma theory and how the Acceptance of a trauma model offers the potential for recovery. By exploring the Behaviours that result from trauma it is possible to understand that it is ‘what happened’ to CYP that resulted in coping strategies that can be destructive to the individual, family and society.

We believe that by being Curious as individuals we can facilitate a collaborative culture to promote healing and autonomy. We introduce simple activities to promote curiosity with those we support.

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Hope2Recovery Programme Facilitator Training

The Hope2Recovery Programme: The First Step to Recovery from Domestic Abuse, 6-week programme is for any adult who is experiencing/has experienced domestic abuse.

Train to become a programme facilitator, which can be delivered online or in person.

This programme follows the trauma-informed principles of the Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit, and uses a psycho-educational approach which avoids triggering or re-traumatising participants. It is evidence based, gender neutral and can be used to support anyone experiencing abuse.


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Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit Programme Facilitator Training

Become a qualified facilitator of the UK’s leading trauma informed recovery programme for adults and children who have experienced domestic abuse.

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Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit Programme Facilitator Training

The Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit Facilitator Training has been developed to train individuals or agencies who are working with women who have experienced sexual violence and or abuse, to deliver the programme.

The facilitator training takes place over 2 days, and once completed, delegates will be qualified to facilitate the 12-week support programme.

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Combined PAACE Toolkit Programme Facilitator Training

The Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs – now PAACE) Toolkit Facilitator Training is delivered over 3 consecutive days and successful delegates will be qualified to deliver Rock Pool’s Adult PAACE Toolkit programme, and the Children and Young People PAACE Toolkit programme.

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SPACE (Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally) Programme Facilitator Training

SPACE is an educational programme to support any parent/carer and children & young people through the challenge of growing up in an ever-changing stressful world.

The programme uses trauma-informed training and a psycho educational model approach to educate and inform participants on why children behave the way they do and how, as adults, we can support them.

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Coercion and Control Enquiry Training

Rock Pool’s coercion and control enquiry training course increases the delegates’ understanding of the dynamics of domestic abuse.

It introduces delegates to the CACE Form which can be used to identify coercive control.

Both elements can support delegates in making intelligence-based decisions on the application of appropriate thresholds, and the right level and type of intervention needed.

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Inspiring Families Programme Facilitator Training

The Inspiring Families Programme is an innovative intervention and assessment programme that can help strengthen and stabilise families.

It is a structured 10 week programme for families that are affected by domestic abuse. It provides professionals with a robust framework to assess the parents’ behaviour, coercive control, disguised compliance, the level of current risk and the likelihood of future risk.

The programme also supports professionals to make intelligent based decisions on what is the right intervention, for that family or individual members of that family at the right time and in the right order.

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The Dynamics of Domestic Abuse: What Everyone Should Know Training

The training seeks to achieve this by exploring the 5 R’s model with delegates that will cover Recognise, Respond, Risk, Refer and Record. At the end of the training all delegates will feel confident in recognising where domestic abuse might be happening and knowing how to respond in order to ensure safe and informed approaches to individuals.




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