Our training courses are designed to facilitate all learning styles. We use a range of approaches; training days are a mixture of facilitator-led didactic teaching, experiential participation and peer-led practice.

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Rock Pool’s Recovery Toolkit Facilitator Training Courses provide delegates with a programme manual containing practical tools, and the confidence to deliver the Programmes effectively and with ease.

Our training is trauma informed – we create safe spaces to learn in, encourage collaboration and maximise strengths and skill building for the whole family. We believe a trauma-informed approach supports adults and children; we have written our programmes to inspire hope, promote resilience and aid recovery.

A short film outlining why the Rock Pool Recovery Toolkit Programmes are so successful, how they work and who can deliver them. The acronym below summaries our key focus and the elements that all our Recovery Toolkits provide:


Relationships are key to recovery – learning about healthy relationships and having the opportunity to experience them builds resilience


Empowerment through choice and collaboration with agencies and peers develops confidence and resilience


Connectedness within groups, peers and the wider community reduces isolation and develops resilience


Objectivity – learning about coping strategies and emotional regulation enables insight and the ability to manage emotions and behaviours without over-personalising and feeling responsible when it’s not our fault


Vigilance – awareness of our own and others behaviour enables us to be aware of harmful patterns and protect ourselves and our children


Empathy – understanding enables us to have compassion for ourselves and others and to be kinder


Respect for all that has been experienced and the courage to face it enables us to respect ourselves and others


You – because recovery enables the real person to emerge and live a life free from the impact of trauma

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