Our vision is a society that is trauma-informed.

We support organisations that want to improve practice, share knowledge and expertise, and enable their workforce to inspire hope, promote resilience and aid recovery for people affected by trauma. Our innovative, practical solutions and training opportunities are informed by lived experience and what is known to work.

Our Mission

  • Trauma is universal. Our mission is to contribute to transforming society to accept this reality by understanding how behaviour is influenced by trauma.
  • Trauma-informed awareness and practice in society delivers hope, resilience and recovery.

Our Values

  • We believe: that a trauma-informed approach can change society.
  • We are all the same: we do not differentiate between people with lived experience, service providers and ourselves.
  • We believe: in supporting individuals to lead independent lives free from the involvement of services.

We Aim To:

  • Provide education and simple practical tools that enable people to gain new perspectives and change their lives.
  • Inspire the workforce to value and adapt their interactions with people through trauma-informed practice.
  • Provide individuals with the ability to develop resilience to assist recovery.
  • Have an influence on cultural change within organisations to enable them to become trauma informed.

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