Trauma‐Informed Practice helps to support individuals, parents and children who have experienced trauma at some stage in their lives.

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About Trauma-Informed Practice

Rock Pool promotes trauma-informed practice as the most effective way to work with any individual who has experienced trauma. Trauma-informed practice requires practitioners to assume everybody has experienced trauma of some degree, and services and interactions should be designed to avoid re-traumatising individuals.

With a trauma-informed approach, practitioners are interested in ‘What has happened?’ to someone, rather than seeing their actions as dysfunctional, or the individual as bad. This validation and the recognition that this approach offers, increases the individual’s sense of safety and hope. Trauma informed practice requires collaboration with a client group and is strengths based and skill developing.

The following video, Opening Doors: Trauma Informed Practice for the Workforce, provides a good introduction to trauma and trauma-informed practice.

It was created by NHS Education for Scotland and aims to support workers to understand how to adapt the way they work to make a positive difference to people affected by trauma and adversity. People who have experienced trauma often use coping strategies to deal with the trauma that can increase their vulnerability and can be misunderstood by others, for example misuse of alcohol.

Living with trauma also means that day-to-day events can actually be ‘triggers’ for individuals and young people. For example, a door slamming at school, or a teacher raising their voice to be heard reminds them of violence at home. This then triggers and stimulates the ‘flight or fight’ response and the child or young person responds from a fear and danger position (and shouts back or runs out of the classroom). When service providers do not understand trauma, misdiagnosis and inadequate support and/or treatment can arise.


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“Sue and the team absolutely understood our ambitions and delivered training that hit the mark perfectly ensuring that all partner organisations were full engaged. We ended the day feeling informed, challenged and energised to work together to have the biggest impact. The participant feedback has been extremely positive and productive partnership activity has quickly followed.”

Cherry Dale, Independent Chair of Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board

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