Rock Pool provides industry-leading training and consultancy services for organisations that support people who have been affected by trauma.

New Course: Trauma Informed Educators

The Rock Pool TIEs training equips delegates to become the lead ‘Trauma Educator’ within their organisation, so they can deliver lasting and sustainable change as organisations move towards trauma informed understanding.

It provides delegates with a thorough understanding of the prevalence and impact of complex and developmental trauma.

We will share evidence based best practice from international research on what works.

The training provides participants with the skills and information to enable them to advocate for Trauma Informed Practice and advise on approaches to trauma informed work within their organisations. 

By the end of this training our aim is to inspire and motivate delegates to facilitate the organisations they represent becoming truly trauma informed. 

Karen Dawes, Hampshire Police

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Apr 6

Specialist VAWG orgs have written an open letter to the prime minister, calling for action at the highest level of govt to ensure there is zero tolerance of abuse and survivors and their children can access the specialist support they need. Read here 👇


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