The Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally (SPACE) Programme is designed with the aim of providing information, using trauma awareness, about children’s and adult’s emotional behaviour.

The SPACE Programme facilitator training has been developed so that those that complete the 3-day training can confidently deliver both of our 5-week programmes for parents & carers and children & young people.

These are trauma-informed, educational programmes designed to support parents & carers or children & young people through the challenge of growing up in an ever-changing stressful world.

Overview of the SPACE Programme for adult participants

The Adult Programme uses a psycho educational model to educate and inform parents or carers on why children behave the way they do and how, as adults, we can support them using a trauma informed parenting approach. It is suitable for children and parents using universal care services and specialist services and its aim is to provide an intervention before significant difficulties arise or support parents/carers in acknowledging they may need further help.

The programme is suitable for individuals and couples and can be run in mixed or single gender groups.

The Children & Young People Programme supports the building of knowledge and learning throughout the programme to help children and young people gain a good understanding of the importance of emotional health, wellbeing in relation to themselves, others and their family.

Where possible the programmes run concurrently with the intention that parents and children learn together.

The benefits of both programmes are:

  • To understand the link between emotions & behaviours
  • To learn strategies to continue to develop individual and family resilience
  • To gain knowledge and the tools to implement healthy lifestyle choices

Both programmes run for 5-weeks (and the adult programme can also be delivered online).

Feedback from parents and carers attending

“SPACE allowed me to find my own parenting style by understanding how our previous life experiences as a couple impact our own family life”

“Learning about ACE’s was a real lightbulb moment”

“Was nice to reinforce the importance of attachment, and how positive it is – in a world where people are so quick to judge.”

“I’ve realised I’m not alone in my struggles”

“Absolutely loved SPACE and found it very informative. now feel I have bonded with my child thanks to attending SPACE.”

How we deliver the facilitators training

This training is delivered over 3 consecutive days.

You will be provided with all of the resources you need to take part in the training and to become a successful facilitator.

You do not need to have run groups before as this will be covered in the training.

Comments from facilitators trained

“I am finding facilitating and delivering SPACE easy because of the thorough training and the really good handbook and resources.”

“The Rockpool website is really easy to access for the materials we need, and we always get positive feedback from the participants about the journals.”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for signposting me to the SPACE training.  3 of our members were able to take part and l think it is one of the most positive programmes l have ever attended. The sharing of ‘learning’ with parents in a ‘doing with’ as opposed to a ‘doing to’, model was so refreshing. At last, we are recognising that we are all humans trying to work things out the best way we can.”

“I find it a real privilege delivering each course as you share the reflective journey of all of the participants.”

“We have found that unlike many of the parenting programmes offered, SPACE is hugely popular. The dropout rate is incredibly low and nearly all parents/carers that do attend are self-referrals. We feel that the way the product has been written combined with use of colourful resources and the way in which it is branded and marketed all combine to its success rate.”

Pricing Structure

Maximum of 16 delegates per training course

  • Facilitator training online is £825 plus VAT per delegate
  • Alternatively, we can deliver directly to your organisation online or in room, please contact us for further information.

Next steps

If you would like to book onto the next open session of our SPACE course, please follow the link below

Course Calendar

Who should attend?

  • Early Help Workers·
  • Family support workers·
  • SENCo/Pastoral Care/Teachers·
  • Mental Health Workers·
  • Neighbourhood teams·
  • Safeguarding·
  • Early help workers·
  • Housing sector workers·
  • Voluntary sector workers·
  • Health practitioners·
  • Other frontline care professionals
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What’s included:

  • SPACE Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally Manuals
  • Participant Journals
  • Access to our Delegate Zone
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Topics covered

  • Introduction to the programme and to each other
  • What do children need to feel safe?
  • How do we and our children cope with stress?
  • Protection factors: understanding child development
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Next steps

If you are interested and would like to find out more information about this facilitator training or any of Rock Pool’s work, please contact us.

Email: admin@rockpool.life

Tel: 01803 659191

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