A 6 week programme for any adult who is experiencing/has experienced domestic abuse. The Programme can be delivered via an online setting with Rock Pool trained facilitators.

Following the trauma informed principles of the Rock Pool Recovery Toolkit, the programme uses a psycho-educational approach and therefore avoids triggering or re-traumatising participants. It is evidence based and gender neutral and can be used to support anyone experiencing abuse.

The benefits of the programme are:

  1. Helps participants to recognise coercive control and the dynamics of domestic abuse
  2. Helps the individual understand how difficult it is to see what is happening when you are in an abusive relationship
  3. Helps participants understand their parenting abilities
  4. Helps participants to proactively make action plans towards abuse free lives

About the programme

The Hope2Recovery Programme is a 6 week programme for any adult that is experiencing / or has experienced domestic abuse and is their first step towards Recovery.

Each session will last for one hour and can be delivered by trained facilitators setting or online, enabling organisations to support as many people as possible.

The programme follows the Rock Pool Recovery Model and uses the principles of a trauma informed approach to enable participants to understand the dynamics of domestic abuse , why they have coped the way they have and how their parenting has been affected.

Aims of the Hope2Recovery Programme for participants

The overall aims of the programme are to develop sufficient, safety, trust and motivation in the individual to engage them, so they:

  • Develop an understanding of the tactics perpetrators of domestic abuse and coercive control use
  • Develop a better understanding of the difference between healthy / unhealthy and abusive relationships.
  • Develop a better understanding of their parenting role and the challenge of being a nurturing parent while in an abusive relationship
  • Consolidate this learning to enable future life plans to be based on the safety of themselves and their children

Aims for facilitators

  • To inspire and motivate the workforce to adapt their interactions with people through awareness of trauma-informed practices
  • For professionals to be familiar with the underpinning principles of the Hope2Recovery Programme
  • For professionals to be able to use the Hope2Recovery Manual and Participants Journal to support Programme participants
  • To have an increased understanding of coercive control
  • To understand group dynamics and how to successfully facilitate groupwork for adults who have experienced domestic abuse
  • To successfully facilitate groups either when delivered face to face or via an online setting
  • To increase understanding of the impact of vicarious trauma on the workforce

Benefits of online delivery

The online Hope2Recovery Programme enables domestic abuse providers who are working with people that are or have experienced domestic abuse to respond to the increased demand for support due to the  pressures COVID-19 has brought.

Online delivery will enable providers to meet the increasing demand from those people:

  • who are already on waiting lists for support and recovery programmes, cancelled due to COVID-19
  • whose reactions to previous abuse are being triggered by the isolation and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • who are escaping from domestic abuse during the crisis
  • It will also provide an unmet previous need of providing an option to those who live in rural areas, may have ability issues , or other cultural issues that prevent them from travelling or attending a group.

How we deliver this training

We will deliver this training over a 2-day course either face to face or by ‘live’ online sessions.

We will also run regular online Hope2Recovery Webinars, where anyone who has successfully trained to become a Hope2Recovery Facilitator will be able to join a Rock Pool support webinar where we will offer advice, guidance and also the opportunity to network with other Hope2Recovery Facilitators.

For our Licence Conditions and our Quality and Impact Evaluation requirements, please see the relevant sections at the bottom of this page.

Pricing Structure

  • One place on an open course delivered in a classroom in locations around the UK is £550 exc VAT
  • One place on a online course is £550 exc VAT

Who should attend

  • Social workers
  • Family support workers
  • Neighbourhood teams
  • Safeguarding adult teams
  • Early help workers
  • Housing sector workers
  • Voluntary sector workers
  • Health practitioners
  • Police and police support staff
  • Other frontline care professionals
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Topics covered

  • What is abuse?
  • Dynamics of abuse and coercive control
  • How people can become trapped in abusive relationships
  • Impact of abuse on parenting skills
  • Healthy relationships
  • Action planning towards abuse free lives
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What’s included:

  • A comprehensive Facilitator manual which includes guidance for facilitators and weekly session plans
  • A Participants Journal* that includes all the session handouts and guidance
  • Certificate and licence to deliver the programme**
  • Access to monthly Hope2Recovery support Webinars

* Please note additional Participant Journals will need to be purchased separately for each online group you run.  These will be sold at cost price.

** See Licence Conditions

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Next steps

  • If you are interested and would like to find out more information about this tutorial or any of Rock Pool’s work, please contact us:

Email: admin@rockpool.life
Tel: 01803 659191

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"The trauma training has helped the staff think about how they approach and view young people and to consider that everyone has experienced trauma. It gives practitioners a wider understanding of the lived experiences of the children that they work with in order to understand better the behaviours that are presented are often a physical and unconscious response to this trauma and that responses and interactions with them need to consider this and be adapted accordingly. This is not necessarily taking an approach that is deemed to be light touch, or without consequence for actions but with a broader understanding, better advice and appropriate services that are more able to think in a trauma informed way. The decision making around young people has already proven to be more effective with regards to outcomes for our service."

Adolescent and Youth Offending Service Manager: London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

  • A comprehensive Facilitator manual which includes guidance for facilitators and weekly session plans
  • A Participants Journal* that includes all the session handouts and guidance
  • Certificate and licence to deliver the programme**
  • Access to monthly Hope2Recovery support Webinars

* Please note additional Participant Journals will need to be purchased separately for each online group you run.  These will be sold at cost price.

** See Licence Conditions.

It is really important to Rock Pool that we can support you to deliver successful Hope2Recovery Programmes to your clients. In order to achieve this we have the following conditions that must be met by facilitators being given and maintaining a licence to run the programme.

To become an approved Rock Pool Hope2Recovery Facilitator and receive a certificate you will need to compete the following:

  • Within one year of completing the training successfully deliver one programme
  • Send Rock Pool anonymous feedback from participants that attended the programme that demonstrates successful delivery. This will completed via an online survey that will be provided by Rock Pool

To continue to maintain your licence to deliver the Rock Pool Hope2Recovery Programme each year you will need to:

  • Deliver at least one Hope2Recovery Programme per year
  • Ensure everyone who attends the online Hope2Recovery Programme receives a Participant Journal
  • Attend an annual review session that will be delivered online and provided free of charge

Step One – Delegates register for the courses via our Arlo online registration system and they then receive an email confirming registration, course joining instructions, course aims and outcomes (if applicable).

Upon registration attendees are sent an online pre course evaluation form that will allow us to understand delegates baseline knowledge and understanding before attending the course.

Step Two – Once the training has been completed, we send a post course online evaluation form and a thank you email to all delegates.  This then allows us to understand the quality of the training.

Step Three – To understand the impact of the training we will send a final survey 12 weeks after the course has been completed.

Results – We produce annual reports that demonstrate the quality and impact of all our training courses that will be shared with all clients.

For clients who purchase a ‘closed course’ we will provide a tailored Quality and Impact Report based on the information provided to us from your organisation / delegates.

Cancellation Policy

The customer may cancel a training course provided that written notice is given to the supplier at least 28 days before the first training date.
If the notice to cancel is provided less than 28 days before the first training date, no refund will be made to the customer.
If the notice to cancel is provided more than 28 days before the first training date, 100% of the charges will be refunded to the customer.

Click here to view Rock Pool’s Training Courses Terms and Conditions

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