The Recovery Toolkit Book Launch: A 12 week plan to help people thrive after domestic abuse.



15th May 2020


Sue Penna

Rock Pool Life C.I.C, an organisation offering courses to help people recover from trauma has released their debut book ‘The Recovery Toolkit: A 12 week plan to support your journey from domestic abuse’, written by Sue Penna, available on Amazon for £7.99. 

Sue Penna, a UK pioneer in ‘trauma informed training’, draws on more than 20 years of experience working with the NHS’s Mental Health Services, and specialised experience in domestic and childhood abuse. The book acts as a recovery resource for individuals who have left violent relationships, helping them remove the guilt, shame and blame that can surround abuse. The Recovery Toolkit takes the reader on a journey that is part discovery, part guidance, and is based on the successful 12-week group programme of the same name, also created by Sue. It helps the reader to understand, challenge and remove the voice of the perpetrator.

Sue was one of the first people in the UK to recognise a growing need for better understanding by frontline service providers of trauma and the effects it can have on behaviour, which led to the launch of Rock Pool. 

Rock Pool is the culmination of Sue’s 30 years’ experience as an Occupational Therapist specialising in psychotherapy for adults who had suffered abuse as children and domestic violence for the NHS, local authorities and charities. 

“As a mental health professional working in the NHS I was always astounded how it was standard practice to give a person a diagnostic label and medication rather than understand the trauma they had lived with.”

The Adult Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit programme uses a trauma-informed psycho educational model, which is accurately translated in the book in a digestible way. This helps readers to understand the impact of having experienced domestic abuse, explaining how they were prevented from leaving, and the thinking patterns that they developed to help them survive. The aim of the book is to help individuals re-evaluate, and change these patterns to move into a better future and thrive. Topics covered include understanding abuse, and the coping strategies we develop, how the voice of the perpetrator becomes internalised, self esteem and the effects of abuse on others, anger and conflict, losses and gains, and building healthy relationships. 

The book available on Amazon, or to download from Kindle for £4.99, is an informed and positive guide to help navigate the aftermath of domestic violence. 

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