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6th March 2020


Sue Penna

Welcome to the February edition of our newsletter.

Wow! February has flown by for us; Our Exploited Children and Gangs course is now live, we’ve delivered a whole host of Trauma Informed courses across the UK and we hope to have some exciting news around a Spring Roadshow coming very soon. 

Trauma Informed Educators (TIEs)

The Rock Pool TIEs training equips delegates to become the lead ‘Trauma Educator’ within their organisation, so they can deliver lasting and sustainable change as organisations move towards trauma informed understanding.                           

It provides delegates with a thorough understanding of the prevalence and impact of complex and developmental trauma.

The training will include inputs from experts including those with organisation and cultural change knowledge. 

We will share evidence based best practice from international research on what works.

The training provides participants with the skills and information to enable them to advocate for Trauma Informed Practice and advise on approaches to trauma informed work within their organisations. 
This will include:
• how to deliver a trauma informed audit
• advise on policies and procedures
• better understanding on how to support staff and deliver supervision.
In addition, participants will be trained to deliver the Rock Pool 2-hour Bitesize Trauma training.

By the end of this training our aim is to inspire and motivate delegates to facilitate the organisations they represent becoming truly trauma informed. 

Find out more about our TIEs course here, view our TIEs brochure and see what Hampshire Police’s Karen Dawes thought of the training below:
Types of Attachment 

Attachment can be described as: ‘A deep and enduring bond that connects one person to another across time and space’.
Attachment is important because interactions with others in the first few years of our life form the building blocks that determine our outlook and understanding of how the world works and how we fit into it.
Is a basic human need
Provides a sense of predictability, safety, security and protection
Serves as the foundation for care, comfort, stimulation and interaction
View and download our Types of Attachment resource here
Our Chief Creative Officer 

If you haven’t already, meet Sue Penna. 

Sue is our Chief Creative Officer and programme expert. Sue has worked with individuals who have psychological trauma as a result of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) for over 30 years in her professional life as a clinician, trainer and supervisor both within the NHS and independently.

Find out more about Sue here. 
Calan DVS Inspiring Families Programme: Case Study interview

The Inspiring Families Programme, developed by Rock Pool in 2016, is an innovative intervention and assessment of families where domestic abuse is an identified component and the families have chosen to stay together.

It provides professionals with a robust framework to assess the parents’ behaviour, the level of current risk and the likelihood of future risk. It also identifies the potential for change and reduction of risk within the family, or indeed, whether the risk is too high or the potential for change too low to make working with the family a viable option.

Calan DVS Project Manager Michael, kindly agreed to speak to us about the impact that the Inspiring Families Programme has had as well as his thoughts on Rock Pool in general.  

Read it here

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