September News Round-up

Adverse Childhood Experiences


24th September 2019


Mathew Riley

We scan the press for stories that might be of interest to our social media community. Here are the most read stories from the last couple of weeks:

Victims of stalking, domestic abuse and child abuse could be given new legal rights to challenge unduly lenient sentences handed to their perpetrators. They have previously been stopped from taking cases to the Court of Appeal because such offences are not included in a statutory scheme which provides victims with a legal right to challenge “unduly lenient” sentences. This has meant victims of stalking, domestic abuse and child abuse have not been able to ask the Attorney General to review any prison term.

(The Independent)

A ‘whole-society’ response is fundamental to tackling childhood adversity, and the health and social outcomes associated with it. It is for health, it is for education, and it is for justice to all play a part. Communities and families can influence change too: they can take account of and learn from ACEs, to reduce blame on people who may have experienced early trauma and adversity, improve our own relationships and improve children’s experiences.


A domestic abuse-themed board game might set alarm bells ringing in your mind – but a University of Sheffield academic has created just that to engage students with the sensitive subject.

(The Big Issue)

The number of people killed as a result of domestic violence in the UK is at its highest level in five years. Last year, 173 people were killed in domestic violence-related homicides, according to data obtained by the BBC from 43 police forces across the UK – an increase of 32 deaths on 2017.


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