Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit Outcomes Report

ACEs Recovery Toolkit


4th June 2018


Kirsty Mooney

Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit Outcomes Report ACEs Recovery Toolkit

“The programme is so useful, we have learnt a lot of new things that we can use to make sure our baby has the best start to life, and hopefully it will be ACE free”

Chris Devaney Senior Family Support Worker and colleagues from Birmingham Children’s Trust  have delivered the Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit from March to May 2018.

As some of you may know Chris has been writing a weekly blog about his experiences and that of the participants.  If you want to check out these blogs please click here… 

Now that the programme has completed Chris has written an Outcomes Report which we have been given permission to share with you.

The report covers referral and attendance information, participants ACE scores, their pre and post self-esteem and Lifestyle Checklist scores as well as direct feedback from the participants themselves.

You can read the full report here…

There have been some fantastic results that includes a 120% increase in self-esteem scores, and a 210% increase in Lifestyle Checklist scores.

Here is some direct feedback from the participants that completed the course:

Q: What is the most useful thing you have learnt whilst attending the ACEs RTK?

“I can speak out”

“I have learnt a lot on how to identify mine and my children’s emotions and how to help
them get through and myself”

“I can now identify traumatic experiences and behaviours, and I understand the science
behind it, like the brain model and Maslow”

“Learning more about children’s emotional wellbeing”

“It has opened my eyes up to how I was doing things wrong with my children and now I know the right way of doing things like showing emotions towards them”

Q: How has improved self-esteem made a difference in your life?

“I have seen myself in a better way, and I can talk more about things on my mind”

“I know my worth as a person and a parent”

“I feel emotionally better, I’m more confident, and my bond with my kids has improved. I encourage them to share their feelings”

“I know what to do when my kids are feeling sad or happy”

By September 2018 Rock Pool will have trained over 110 people to become Facilitators of the Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit, if you or any one in your teams would also like to be trained we are running our next training course on the 16th and 17th July in Birmingham.

The course will be delivered by Chris Devaney so he can bring you wealth of practical experience of running the course.

For more information click here… 

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