Rock Pool Conversations with Olha Popadynets



19th October 2022


Laura Harris

Olha Popadynets was born in Odesa, Ukraine and grew up in Crimea, which was occupied by Russia in 2014, and whose parents still live there. Olha lived in Ukraine with her husband and son and worked as a trainer and consultant in inclusion, diversity, and gender equality.

When Ukraine was invaded Ohla fled with her son, sister-in-law, nieces, and cats and is now living with a wonderful sponsor family in England. Ohla and her sister-in-law are both working here, and their children are in school.

Sue Penna will be in conversation with Ohla on 7th December from 10.30a.m -11. 30a.m to discuss the trauma she experienced fleeing the conflict in Ukraine and her experience of living with a sponsor family in the U.K.

Sue has been working with Ukrainian refugees in Cornwall, and their sponsor families, in an effort to understand the trauma the refugees have experienced and how the sponsor families can best understand and support them. This has been a truly humbling experience and Rock Pool were pleased to be involved.

If you’d like to join the free Rock Pool Conversation with Olha Popadynets, please click here.


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