Inspiring Families Programme

Domestic Abuse


14th June 2016


Kirsty Passmore

The Inspiring Families Programme is an innovative intervention and assessment of families where domestic abuse is an identified component and the families have chosen to stay together.

It provides professionals with a robust framework to assess the parent’s behaviour, the level of current and the likelihood of future risk. It also identifies the potential for change and reduction of risk within the family, or indeed, whether the risk is too high or the potential for change too low to make working with the family a viable option.

The Inspiring Families Programme is designed to be an accessible tool that will provide professionals with the evidence they need to make an assessment of the family and to identify the type and level of further intervention required.

Rock Pool in partnership with Slough Children Service Trust, Slough Borough Council and Thames Valley Police have recently commenced the first pilot which is due to be completed in July. All of the families completing the pilot are also part of the Troubled Families Programme in Slough.

We will publish an evaluation of the programme and initial outcomes for families at the end of the summer, register your interest with us here to get the report delivered straight to your inbox.  

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If you would like to find out more about this programme please contact Kirsty on either kirsty@rockpool.life or 07888 237699.

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