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19th December 2019


Sue Penna

Welcome to our December newsletter – The last of 2019!

Rock Pool’s 2019 at a glance

It’s safe to say Rock Pool have had a fabulous 2019, and we have lots in store for 2020 already.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to this year:
The best gift you can give your kids this Christmas is resilience
Resilience is the ability to return to being healthy and hopeful after bad things happen. Sometimes resilience is about survival; the more dangers and difficulties we face, the more we need to bounce back each time.

Managing resilience is important. If we face too much adversity and have inadequate protection, we can grow up turning to coping strategies that, whilst helpful in the short term, are less so over time. However, if we face no adversity due to over protection, we can struggle to cope with the smallest thing that goes wrong,

We can all develop our resilience, and we can help our children develop it as well. 

Read our blog on why the best gift you can give your kids this Christmas is resilience here

How to support children that have experienced household psychological or emotional abuse

A child experiencing adversity may or may not be significantly impacted for life. However, with the right support these children are reachable and can move forward to achieve healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. 

Here, our Chief Creative Officer Sue explains how we can explore supporting children that have experienced psychological or emotional abuse at home. 
#AbuseTalk’s 12 Days of Christmas Give away

The fabulous Jennifer from @AbuseTalkOnline has organised a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, starting from Christmas day. They’ll be a whole host of prizes, many with a Domestic Abuse theme, as well as a Taste hamper from us!

Make sure you’re following @AbuseTalkOnline for a chance to win.

We are proud sponsors of the open forum and Twitter chat #AbuseTalk. Follow the hashtag and the account @AbuseTalkOnline and join in the conversation every Wednesday from 8-9pm – even on Christmas Day.
As always, all of our training courses can be tailored to your needs, so if you would like to discuss any of our flexible training options, please contact us on 01803 659191 or admin@rockpool.life.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kirsty and Sue

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