The ABC of Trauma – Adult Training is a one-day course that will enable practitioners working with families and children to understand the impact of trauma including adverse childhood experiences, trauma-informed practice and strategies to use to promote protective behaviours and develop resilience.

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About the training

The training will explore trauma theory and how the Acceptance of a trauma model offers the potential for recovery. By exploring the Behaviours that result from trauma it is possible to understand that it is ‘what happened’ to an individual that resulted in coping strategies that can be destructive to the individual, family and society.

We believe that by being Curious as individuals we can facilitate a collaborative culture to promote healing and autonomy. We introduce simple activities to promote curiosity with those we support.

Who should attend

Social workers, family support workers, neighbourhood teams, safeguarding adult teams, early help workers, housing sector workers, voluntary sector workers, health practitioners, police, police support staff, and other front-line care professionals.

About the ABC of Trauma – Adults

Rock Pool’s training courses use a trauma-informed psycho-educational model. We facilitate a safe space to ensure learning and promote collaboration. Our training is designed to be strengths based and skills building. We believe that by giving individuals knowledge we enable them to better understand and deal with their previous experiences. Delegates will understand how ACEs impact on families, individuals and children.

This one day training course is for up to 25 delegates and is delivered direct to your organisation.

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Day One Aims

  • To provide education on the impact of toxic stress on the brain
  • To increase awareness of ACEs
  • To provide education on the impact of toxic stress on the brain
  • To increase confidence in identifying ACEs
  • Raise awareness of individuals management of trauma
  • To increase delegates’ confidence when responding to individuals ACE needs
  • To educate on trauma-informed practice therefore enabling an ACE informed approach to vulnerable clients
  • To increase understanding of the link between Trauma, ACEs and behaviour
  • To increase understanding of protective factors and resilience for vulnerable individuals
  • To explore working with a client’s protective factors to develop resilience
  • Increase understanding of vicarious self-care and personal resilience
  • Increase the level of job satisfaction when working with vulnerability

Day One Outcomes

  • Delegates will have an understanding of the impact of ACEs
  • Delegates will be provided with information about the ACE study
  • Delegates will understand toxic stress in relation to brain development, exploring the individual’s flight, fight and freeze responses and how this may present in individual’s behaviour and vulnerability
  • Delegates will be given information on trauma-informed practice and its impact on supporting individuals to develop resilience
  • The protective factors that mitigate high ACEs scores will be explored
  • The session will examine what works when working with individuals with trauma and ACEs and how to employ skills using an ACE/trauma-informed approach
  • There will be an opportunity to link evidence to practice and to look at how delegates may develop protective factors with clients to promote resilience, mitigate further ACEs and aim for recovery

Topics covered

  • Understanding Trauma
  • Understanding ACEs
  • Understanding toxic stress
  • Trauma-informed working
  • Resilience and protective factors
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“Sue and the team absolutely understood our ambitions and delivered training that hit the mark perfectly ensuring that all partner organisations were full engaged. We ended the day feeling informed, challenged and energised to work together to have the biggest impact. The participant feedback has been extremely positive and productive partnership activity has quickly followed.”

Cherry Dale, Independent Chair of Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board

“Thank you! Extremely useful in clarifying and expanding on the whole trauma-informed model. [I] would really hope this can be rolled out to staff across the services – including men!”

Course Delegate

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Cancellation Policy
The customer may cancel a training course provided that written notice is given to the supplier at least 28 days before the first training date.
If the notice to cancel is provided less than 28 days before the first training date, no refund will be made to the customer.
If the notice to cancel is provided more than 28 days before the first training date, 100% of the charges will be refunded to the customer.

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