Can people be saved from a terrible childhood?

Adverse Childhood Experiences


13th November 2018


Kirsty Mooney

The Guardian has an insightful piece in The Upside series, looking at how American researchers have found early intervention can help prevent negative experiences in infancy turning into long-term health risks.

Scientists in the US and the UK have found that research points to “toxic stress” as the root of the connection between adverse childhood experiences (Aces) and health problems in adult life…

“In some regards [Aces are] a universal experience,” said Leslie Lieberman, director of special initiatives at Mobilising Action for Resilient Communities (Marc), a collaboration between 14 American cities and communities focused on trauma-informed programmes.

Read more about how numerous initiatives are being established in the US to prevent adverse childhood experiences and provide trauma-informed care across a wide range of sectors…

“Experts say greater cross-sector collaboration and more funding is needed for trauma-informed care to really make a difference. “The lifelong manifestations of that childhood trauma are cross-sector – it effects educational outcomes, employment opportunities, it affects your health,” said Marc’s Lieberman. “You’re not going to make a population-level impact without a cross-sector approach.”

But at bottom there is a simple and revolutionary idea, says Lieberman: “It’s about moving from ‘what’s wrong with you?’ to ‘what happened to you?’”

The Upside series comprises journalism that focuses on our capacity to act together to make positive change.

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